Tuesday, June 10, 2014

If I truly understand that all people are made in God's Image...

The theology of creation and God's amazing decision to make us in His Image has implications for all relationships and interactions. The more we understand what it means that all are made in His Image, the more we will live out the following commitments. We will:
  • Treat people with dignity and respect - all of them
  • Not marginalize any person
  • Exhibit the fruit of the Spirit in our interactions with others
  • Want the best for other individuals
  • Not slander others
  • Treat all with fairness
  • Desire that all come to know the One who created them
  • Want all to fulfill their God given potential
  • Reject all attitudes and actions that diminish life
  • Never use people or our selfish purposes
Everyone you meet today is an Image bearer of God, tarnished as that image may be. Think of how Jesus treated all those around Him. As the creator He understood the implications of the Image He planted in every human being.

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Bob Osborne said...

TJ: I love reading your posts each morning. I have a question on this one. We (I) typically think of Jesus treating all with respect and dignity, yet it's hard to characterize his actions toward the brood of vipers (scribes and pharisees) and temple money changers that way. How do you address those who correlate their own aggressive speech/behavior with those examples?