Thursday, October 2, 2014

I know my leader is unhealthy when...

  • They regularly respond with defensiveness or anger when challenged
  • They discourage open and honest dialogue where people are free to share their minds in a safe atmosphere
  • They threaten those whose opinions are different from theirs
  • They tell one person one thing and another person a different thing
  • They need to be popular and loved
  • They are not fully candid but tend to spin the truth
  • They intimidate or threaten staff in order to achieve compliance
  • There are many items that are not safe to talk about in their presence
  • They care more about themselves than the team they lead
  • They take credit for what others do
  • They don't work collaboratively
  • They display excessive hubris
  • They don't listen but rather talk
  • They blame others when things don't go well
  • There is no staff development
  • They don't deal with unhealthy staff who get in the way of others
  • They consistently don't remove barriers that need to be removed in order for me to do my job well
  • They think they have all the answers
  • They are not ethical

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