Wednesday, March 26, 2014

World Vision reverses its decision to hire Christians in Gay married relationships

It took World Vision just two days to reverse its decision to hire Christians in Gay married relationships. It will take years for it to recover its reputation - if it ever does. See the latest here.

(Posted from Milwaukee)


Rick Cordell said...

One of the systemic issues is that we hire successful, respectable business people with business degrees (and virtually no theological education) and then expect them to lead ministry organizations and parachurch groups. And the ethical and moral issues of the day are beyond their philosophical and hermeneutical training or ability, and they cannot discern the intersection of Christ and church and culture. So why are we surprised when we reap what we sow? Reading Stearns' rationalizations was a grievous exercise in cataloging logical fallacies. Instead of exegeting the broader culture, he simply parroted it.

Anonymous said...

@RickCordell Case in point: James Dobson. We often forget he has a PhD in child development and is a psychologist, not a theologian. Yet, most evangelicals are more than willing to overlook this.