Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ten things every church board should pay attention to for the congregation they lead

  1. That Jesus is the center of all that we do
  2. That we live in spiritual and relational health
  3. That we are seeing life change on a regular basis
  4. That people are coming to Jesus regularly
  5. That leaders are leading intentionally
  6. That members of the congregation are being developed and released into ministry in line with their wiring and gifting
  7. That we have a balance of ministries focused on the body and ministries focused outside our church body
  8. That we are clear on who we are and where we are going
  9. That our church "culture" is supportive of our church "mission"
  10. That we evaluate the above nine regularly


Tom said...

Please provide your Bible references for your list. Surely the proper function of a plurality of church elders can be drawn right from the scriptures themselves, right?

T.J. Addington said...

Tom, this is a reminder of things that are already clear in the New Testament. It is not meant to be a theological treatise. Hence I have not included Scriptural references which could be many. For more depth on these matters, you can read High Impact Church Boards which does address most if not all of these. Thanks for reading the blog.